3. U.S. Work experience
Pot washer for the Sierra Club on Sierra Nevada pack trips (1956-57)
Fireman at Stanford University (1962)
Warehouseman (union) for the Baker & Hamilton Company (1962)
Longshoreman (union) at San Francisco Bay Area ports (1962)
Civil rights worker for COFO in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (1964)
Fruit picker in California's central valley (1965)
Taxi driver in Oakland for the Yellow Cab Company (1968)
Ralph Nader "Raider" writing books on U.S. air and water pollution (1972-73)
Legal Assistance attorney for SFNLAF in the Bayview/Hunter's Point neighborhood of San Francisco (1974-76)
Manager of the Lazzari Fuel Company in Brisbane, CA (1977-81)
Administrator for the Stanford U. Sleep Disorders Center (1982-87)
Social worker for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (1990-91)
Manager of three San Francisco homeless shelters (1991-92)
Substitute teacher of K-12 schools in Oakland and San Mateo counties (1989-97)
Special needs adoption social worker for Sierra Adoption Services (1996-2001)
Professor for social work and related subjects at U.C. Berkeley,                 
Cal State Hayward, CSU Sacramento, National U. & Chapman U. (1995-present)
Social worker for Adopt International (1989 to present)
Adult mental health worker for Placer County (2001-present)
Attorney in a variety of social services cases (1973-present)
Founded Sierra Dreams Press (2005)
Substitute Teacher for Placer County K-12 schools

4. Other
Lives in Auburn, California with Brazilian wife Elsa and nineteen-year-old son Austin
Leader of a singing quartet:
The Auburnaires
Collector of quotations, sports memorabilia, and curiosities from  around the world
Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and its Order of Merlin

5. International Experience
1961: Three months in Togo building schools in a remote village (Wome) with Operation Crossroads Africa
1963: Six months in Central America. Colombia and Peru working with Peace Corps  and Food for Peace Programs, and writing
articles as a journalist
1964: Three months in Mississippi working with the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) on voter registration
1965: Six months in Brazil participating in a student exchange program sponsored by the U.S. State Department
1967-1968: One year in South Viet Nam doing agricultural work with the International Voluntary Services (IVS)
1971: One year in Israel working on a kibbutz and visiting the adjacent Arab countries as a free-lance journalist
1976-1977: Eighteen months exploring fifteen countries in Africa, and living in Kikuyu, Masai and Pygmie villages.
1981-1982: One year exploring India and Nepal and working with Mother Teresa's Home for the Destitute Dying in Calcutta  
1986: Two months in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras working as a free-lance journalist
1989: Two months in South Texas representing Central Americans in political asylum cases with Proyecto Libertad
1990: Two months visiting Cambodia and Viet Nam as a journalist
1990: Two months in Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe working on the life story of political activist Jiri Wolf
1992-1998: Five expeditions to the Amazon Basin doing field work related to a Ph.D. dissertation.
1998: Three months in Europe with wife Elsa visiting friends in seven countries.
2016: One month exploring China
2017: One month exploring Australia and New Zealand

6. Publications

A. Books

My Favorite Quotations (Volumes #1-8) (l971, l976, l981, l986, l99l, 1998, 2007 and 2018) (All available through Sierra Dreams Press.)

Coal: the Captive Giant (a book written and published privately while working with Ralph Nader's Center for the Study of
Responsive Law) (l972)

History of the Rawlings and Kamm Families (traces Stuart's ancestry and gives portraits of interesting relatives, published
privately in 1987)

Prisoner in Viet Nam (the story of Marc Cayer's five-year captivity with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese  --published by the
Asia Resource Center, Washington  D.C, in l990)

On a Park Bench in Prague (a collection of 12 short stories written in Czechoslovakia in l990 --published privately in l990)

My Life and Times (the life story of Catherine Severyns Dement, a l00-year-old woman from Nebraska -published privately in l990)

IVS Experiences (edited 20 accounts of IVS volunteers living and working primarily in Viet Nam and Laos during l958-l975 published
by the International Voluntary Services, Washington D.C in l992)

Good Soldier Wolf (the life story of Czechoslovakian political activist Jiri Wolf, published by the University Press of America,
Lanham, Maryland, 1994)

Life Stories of Indians of the Peruvian Amazon, Dissertation for the U.C. Berkeley School of Social Welfare, Berkeley, California,

Another Messiah (science fiction novel published through Sierra Dreams Press in  2005, the first in a trilogy)

Delusions (science fiction novel published through Sierra Dreams Press in  2012, the second in the trilogy)

Explorations, Volume I (This 315-page memoir with photos describes the first twenty-five years of Stuart Rawlings’ life between 1943-

B. Books in Progress

People of the Amazon: A Personal Account of My Dissertation Field Work in Peru (circa 200 pages)

Explorations (The following Volumes of Stuart's autobiography)

C. Selected Articles

The (AIDS) Survivor, Social Work Perspectives, Spring 1991. Department of Social Work Education, San Francisco State University.

Thoughts of a (Homeless) Shelter Manager, Spring 1992. Social Work Perspectives, Department of Social Work Education, San
Francisco State.

The Press Conference, Hawaii Review, Spring 1994, Issue 40, Volume 18, No. 1.(story about God returning to Planet Earth to give a
press conference and "answer some questions")

Millennial Reflections (1999). This 40-page report sets forth Stuart’s thoughts on such subjects as education, politics, religion and
foreign affairs. It also lists Stuart’s favorite books, movies, people in history,  places to visit, what ifs, and other such subjects.