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June 1, 2019

Dear friends,

I cannot hide my concern that President Trump is destroying my country every day, bit by bit, with his crass behavior and policies. And I shall continue, along with many others, to do my best to bring an early end to his presidency.

At the same time, Trump has inspired me to write. Although I am frustrated in not being able to significantly alter the injustice I see in today's world, such restrictions do not apply to my fiction writing. This book is for those who enjoy a good story, and for those who believe in democracy, freedom and basic decency. It is also for those who have an interest in history, philosophy, polictics and religion.

I hope that you enjoy reading these books, that the world is soon divested of the cruel rulers who are now in power, and that those who are suffering today (such as the Rohingyans, Yemins and many others) receive relief as soon as possible.

Love to you all,