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Another Messiah was written by Stuart Rawlings between January and March
of 2005. Its setting is the real world---with all of its problems such as war,
poverty, and environmental destruction. Into this world a girl is born near
Jerusalem. She has withered legs and an inability to speak more than one word
at a time. She is an
object of pity---except that when she reaches age seven, she begins to solve
our world's problems, one by one. She soon evidences the passions and
healing powers of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, and the strength of Moses and

Other characters in this novel include an eccentric dwarf who has a special
relationship to this girl, and representations of Kofi Annan, David
Copperfield, the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Bill Gates and George W. Bush.
Another Messiah takes readers on a fast-moving adventure through many parts
of the world, in a style that is
fun, insightful, provocative and uplifting. It should be read by anyone who
about our planet, or who enjoys a good tale.

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