Life is a Treasure is an 84-minute CD of 20 songs which Stuart Rawlings wrote over the past thirty years.
Some of them were performed solo by Stuart, and others were performed with groups Stuart has sung with over
the years --such as the Auburnaires, the Bluegrass Friends, and the Hillside String Band. The songs were written
in a variety of places including America, Brazil, India, Poland, Romania and Vietnam. Each of the songs has an
introduction which describes the setting in which the song was written.

Songs on this CD are:
Austin's Song, Elsa's Song, The Ballad of Rick and Aldeana, As Duas Irmas, Christmas in Auburn (with the
Auburnaires), Tegucigalpa Rooftop, Praise the Lord for Children, Dan's Song, On the Train to Warsaw, Molly,
Nguyen, In Our Home, De Ballad of Wes and Sue, Christopher, The Story of My Life, Old Joe Clark, Le
Ballade de Guillaume et Benedict, Ode to the Disco Guru, Alison
and Now and Forever
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Life is a Treasure CD Cover
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       Memories, a two-part CD, has 25 songs and corresponding stories which
takes listeners back to Stuart’s attending live performances of such great artists
as Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, the Beatles and the Eagles. It also
describes some of his experiences in places like the Amazon, the Congo, Israel,
Togo and Viet Nam. Beautiful music and intriguing narratives.